Household Electric Fly Trap

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Product description


  • Attract flies to forage through non-toxic bait. The rotating board is silently captured, and the efficiency is stronger! Pregnant women and children can rest assured.
  • Fly cage design, the internal structure can be disassembled and cleaned. Easy to install and clean!
  • Rechargeable, 72-hour long battery life, gets rid of the shackles of the power cord. Unlimited power storage or USB power supply.


This electric fly trap is the perfect solution to your bug problem. It operates quietly and effectively, trapping and exterminating pests without having to use harmful chemicals or sprays. With easy set-up and features such as adjustable catching range, this electric fly trap is quick and effective, giving you a pest-free home in no time. Its energy-saving LED light not only attracts bugs, but also helps to save power. Get the peace of mind you need and the bug-free environment you want with this electric fly trap.