Automatic Wall Foam Soap Dispenser

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Product description


  • LARGE CAPACITY: Comes with a water tank with 320ml large-capacity, which is convenient for you to refill liquid.
  • FAST FOAMING: This infrared induction soap dispenser can generate foam in 0.25 seconds, which achieves quick foaming. Compatible with various foam-type hand sanitizers. You can directly add a foam-type hand sanitizer replenisher. You can also add a gel-type hand sanitizer replenisher with the ratio of water to hand sanitizer being 3:1- 8:1.
  • TEMPERATURE DISPLAY FUNCTION: Features temperature display function to show temperature changes thanks to its built-in high-sensitivity temperature sensor. Precise control of the mixing ratio of soap and air, producing finer foam. Efficient micromotor with low power consumption but longer battery life. This wall-mounted automatic soap dispenser features 3 gears adjustable function.


Say goodbye to germs! Introducing the Automatic Wall Foam Soap Dispenser! This innovative foam soap dispenser is designed to make your daily washing and sanitizing routine easier and more efficient. This automatic wall mount dispenser is made from sturdy materials, making it ideal for use in both home and professional settings. It features an infrared sensor that detects even the slightest hand movement to provide instant foam soap in an efficient and hygienic manner. It also offers a hands-free operation for maximum convenience and hygiene, Available in 4 colors to suit any environment.